Chief's Story

Inspired by our owner's Chocolate Lab, "Chief" represents the high life to the fullest. Chief Solventless strives to create a premium, hand-washed product through ice water extraction. Rosin is the name of Chief's game as we use pressure and heat to create our array of treats. You can find Chief Solventless in dispensaries throughout Michigan and expect a quality experience. Once you go Chief, you'll never go back.

Single Source

One grow. One beat. Our team in the High Life Farms garden fervently searches for the finest, most flavorful and resinous concoctions possible. Chief's lineup has been developed through years of research and development. Through trial, error and a lot of time, we have found cultivars that yield the right results. Our head cultivators love to hunt for genetics and terpenes: and that hunt has just begun.

Chief's Drops

If you're looking to find out what flavors dropped at what shops, please click here. We make drops on a weekly basis and try to spread Chief's ethos as best we can!


Sundae Driver. Tropicana Cookies. StrawGuava. Motorbreath. Chem DOG...and much more to come!